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First of all, it would be useful to briefly summarize how Google Ads progress and what they do. This service, which was created by Google, proceeds with a kind of advertising logic. With SEO service, you can rise in Google rankings in a certain time, while you can make this process much faster with Google Ads. You can position the keyword you want to rise in the areas you want and determine the advertising hours. But having this done by an expert will almost double your earnings. Since a normal user cannot master all the adjustments, an expert can easily reach 20 clicks while you can reach 10 clicks with a budget of 100₺.

It is useful to pay attention to which position you want to rise in when advertising with Google Ads. For instance, if you are a company serving in New York and you only work in this region, your advertisement in California and New Jersey will not benefit you.

In addition, the setting of timing varies according to the company. For example, while a corporate website wants to come to the top during working hours, e-commerce sites may pay attention to their rankings day and night. However, all these determinations should be presented to you through the filter of an expert and a strategic planning should be made. Because assumptions don’t always work. 

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Thanks to Google Ads, you can reach a much wider audience than you think and increase your earnings. While your brand value will increase a little every day, the traffic of your site will increase proportionally. In this way, your website will become the best reflection of your brand.

You can add many options to your ad. Contrary to popular belief, mobile devices are used much more to access the internet. Just as you make your website mobile-friendly, it will be useful to organize your ad according to the people entering from mobile. For example, a search button will make the customer’s job easier and will make them call you by clicking there. You can also specify which pages people go to when they click on the ad. 


You can add your address and you can even make sure that customers who call you can easily come to your business thanks to the map. Of course, there is a fee to benefit from all these conveniences, but this fee may vary. You can think of it in terms of TV commercials. So the more you want to appear, the more budget you need to allocate. Adjusting your budget, time and location synchronously and regularly are the points that need to be adjusted by an expert.

A catchy slogan or phrase will impress your audience more. Such a striking and effective content should be entered in the description so that people understand that this is what they are looking for and prefer you. You can post a brief summary of your service or a description of what you do in that area. When you choose a target-oriented approach your audience will reach you in a healthier way and your phones will ring more than before. Thanks to Google Ads, you can quickly get things done that take weeks or even months. Especially if you have created a new website, it is useful to get Google Ads consultancy. 


You have the opportunity to classify your keywords in 3 different ways when advertising with Google Ads. These;

-Broad Match: Your keywords that you advertise with broad match will be shown in any search that your word is in. Sample; If your keyword is water bottle, you can also rank higher in the buy water bottle words.

-Exact Match: When you advertise with exact match, you are more customer-oriented. The audience that writes the exact keyword you specify can reach your website.

-Phrase Matching: In phrase matching, the keyword is at the beginning, and the website that comes up for the keyword you want can be displayed in this way, no matter what words come after it. 

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