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8 Free and Powerful Backlink Addresses

Today, we do not want to make things more complicated by asking you “What is Backlink?”. But as a bonus check our article “Link Construction for Beginners”.

Today we want to share 8 free and useful addresses with you where you can get backlink. Taking backlinks is harder now and you have to be careful if you are not experienced and informed !

There are 2 types of backlinks: Nofollow and Dofollow. You can get links from platforms like

Youtube and Wikipedia as much as you want !

You can get high quality dofollow backlinks with seo service from below websites.

Backlink Packages

This address is Google’s, you can login with your gmail account to create articles and enter a website containing your contents.


Login in Reddit .com.

Use older version and click “send new post”. Fill the text box with (Your Keyword)(yourwebsiteaddress. Com) . Now you have a backlink which has a global value in of 17 in dofollow and alexa !

By entering, you can create an account. After login, add some article in Bio field otherwise your account may be deleted. Add your link to Homepage Url field so that your backlink action will be completed


Create an account and enter account settings. Add some articles in About field so that our account wont be treated as a spam ! Adding related links about your backlink to your article will let you get the backlink.


Create an MyFolio account and log in. Edit your profile, fill the related fields with articles and your link.


Go to Motools and login. After the registiration fill the about field with some information and then fill your website filed with the link.


Create an account for the Steemit. New account validation can take some time. After the validation, from Settings tab you can add your link to Website field.


Go to the Create an account and after the validation go to the Bio.Fill related fields with your content.As you did in above websites, you will get your Dofollow link after adding the website link you wanted.

As a Digital marketing agency, Mucizefikir,

We strongly suggest you to obtain a Google MyBusiness account and create articles about your website’s content.

8 Free and Powerful Backlink Addresses