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How to Use Google Search Console?

What Google offers to website owners as a free development tool is the Google Search Console tool provides information on the performance measurement and development of websites in the Google search engine. In addition, it also makes it possible to understand what steps should be taken in order to make arrangements that will increase the success level for parts such as improving the site appearance in the search section and making it more successful.

Google Search Console, which is linked to the importance of preparing SEO compatible websites today, provides information to the site owners about each of the technical and content-related sub-titles for the ranking success that the sites want to achieve, and provides guidance on how to make improvements.

At the same time, Search Console, which provides information on the criteria by which Google indexes websites, by what it searches or publishes, allows site owners to measure and optimize their search performance for their sites.

What Benefits Does Google Search Console Provide for Your Site?

  • Using Google Search Console provides the following facilities and benefits for your website;
  • Thanks to the use of the console, Google can access and scan your site in any way.
  • By displaying what the traffic data of your site is in Google search, it allows you to access the data of the frequency of appearance, the search queries access to your site, how often the search queries are made by the searcher and the number of clicks, and many more information in this area.
  • It enables you to correct the indexing problems that are generally encountered on the sites by directing you correctly, and if there is a content that has been updated or newly added on your site, it offers you options such as requesting that these contents are indexed again.
  • It helps you check if Google can find your site and perform a detailed scan afterwards.
  • It allows you to act without delay by directly alerting you when problems such as spam problem, indexing problem, which may occur on your site, are encountered.
  • You can view which different sites your site gets links from.
  • Helps troubleshoot by providing information about search-related issues, mobile-related issues, or AMP issues.

How to Install Google Search Console?

For Google Search Console setup, the following steps should be followed;

First of all, in order to start using the console, you must have an account and be able to verify it. Then, after logging in via Search Console, you need to enter the domain part of the website you want to track performance and click add.

You should add the website (s) you want to add to the “add property” section on the website as a “www” plugin at the beginning and without it. Then, when you are directed to the verification page, you will see options such as uploading an HTML file, adding an HTML tag, verifying a Google Analytics account, or signing into your domain name provider. Since Google usually recommends uploading an HTML file, it is easy for users to use this option.

If your site is a WordPress based site and you have Yoast SEO installed on your site, it will be much easier for you to handle the HTML file upload option. By selecting the HTML tag option, you need to copy the code that comes after the “content =” expression. Then you need to go to your existing Yoast control panel, enter the Webmaster Tools tab and paste the code you copied into this section and click the verification section from the control panel.

After the Google Search Console site verification part is over, it is possible to mention that the site should be linked with Google Analytics for the analysis to be more detailed. You need to go to Analytics, select all products from the product link on the property, and click Search Console to select the right property. Simply select the Google Analytics profile on the page that opens and save it.

After all these processes are finished, the process will be completed when you add the site map to Google Search Console and save your site’s domain name from the URL control page and send your site URLs to Google.

How to Use Google Search Console?
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