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Istanbul Digital Marketing Agencies and their Works

The most metropolitan city in our country where the most intense business work is experienced, Istanbul digital marketing agencies offers variety of options. While the services provided by the agencies may vary according to the sector experiences and existing teams; It can be said that the service to be provided in digital marketing is to develop marketing strategies in all digital channels in the internet world.

Digital agencies located in Istanbul aim to improve themselves and gain good references in many areas in order to be superior to each other in digital marketing services, as they are constantly in a great competition with each other. Mucizefikir Digital Agency, which is one of the digital agencies that advances this success day by day, is trying to fulfill the needs to be done in a digital marketing process by following the digital world very closely with its expert staff and its long years of experience in the sector.

Istanbul digital marketing agency works within the scope of SEO and SEM works, web design, mobile application development, social media advertising, social media account management, content strategy creation processes, advertising and content marketing budgets management, detailed works and analyzes are carried out. Because, as every big and small brand in the sector knows, if it is desired to achieve success in the field of digital marketing, having information about every platform that can be used in marketing and performing correct arrangements are the most important factors.

For this reason, the word “digital” in Digital Agency, in addition to activities such as web design, mobile application development, it covers many areas such as SEM (Search Engine Ads), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media management, social media ads, content strategy creation, marketing of these created strategies and budgets management.

How Do Digital Marketing Agencies Shape Their Work?

An agency that carries out the digital marketing work of any brand first tries to have complete information about the industry in which the company is located. In this information, which audience the company targets, which marketing strategies it has applied to reach this audience and how it obtained results, what steps competitors took in marketing, are examined.

After the data is collected, a marketing strategy / strategies are created specifically for each company. Success is achieved by accurately determining the time of the marketing strategy with additional detailed information such as in which platforms the target audiences of the brands spend time, how much time they allocate to these platforms per day, and between which time zones they use this time.

Another important point in the strategies implemented is the ability of the brand to reach its target audience with the right communication language. This content planning, which can be reported daily, weekly, monthly, and annually, is very important for the correct and good formation of the brand image within the scope of the digital marketing agency duties. Thus, by establishing a solid connection between the brand and consumers, the conditions that digital marketing tries to provide can be fulfilled easily.

In Which Basic Areas Does Istanbul Digital Marketing Agencies Provide Services?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) works

Web design (WordPress etc.)

Content marketing

Social media account management

Social media campaign management

Site traffic tracking and reporting

E-mail Marketing

Performance tracking and analysis

Istanbul Digital Marketing Agencies and their Works
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