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Success in E-commerce with KOSGEB Support

Nowadays, where digitalization is seen as the key to success in the business world, the issue of obtaining government support for businesses to be more involved in the digital world is also on the agenda. Especially businesses dealing with e-commerce can get KOSGEB support to establish and develop their websites and to ensure the continuity of their site success.

KOSGEB stands for “Small and Medium Industry Development and Support Administration”. Financial support is provided for all similar processes such as SEO KOSGEB support, e-commerce support, advertising work for commercial processes that are desired to be developed either through a business or through a website.

Although most businesses have business plans ready, they may not be able to reach the financially competent level. For all these processes, KOSGEB provides support to those in need. In this way, institutions and individuals are supported by the state both financially and morally, in order to establish their own business and to progress successfully in the market. By examining business projects developed in many different business areas, it is aimed to develop in these areas.

How to Get KOSGEB Support?

If we give an example from a website; In order for your existing website to reach the customer potential you want, it is necessary to carry out keyword and content arrangements in search engines in order to present attractive projects to your existing potential customers and to increase the number of visitors. These processes are called SEO works in general.

SEO KOSGEB support comes into play exactly at this point and facilitates the business processes of institutions and individuals trying to trade on the website. The state, which provides financial support for SEO support, makes it possible for website owners to work with an agency that will professionally work on SEO.

Following the SEO support to be received from the agencies, processes such as content work on the website, on-site SEO work, off-site SEO work, social media arrangements, YouTube and Facebook ad outputs, receiving backlinks from sites in the same sector, e-mailing and press releases can be carried out from a single source.

KOSGEB provides 50% SME project support for all these processes. We would like to remind you that this support can be offered to everyone who is engaged in trade to open new marketing areas, to increase brand recognition, and therefore to increase sales and to advance the trade process. For this, it is necessary to present the project to KOSGEB, which can be carried out in a period of 6 months to 24 months, based on a planning with the details of all these processes.

Success in E-commerce with KOSGEB Support