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What is the concept of Largest Contentful Paint?

Largest contentful paint concept represents the time elapsed from the moment the web site is logged to the loading of the largest element of the web page. When logged into a website, the most recently uploaded item is the largest in size. Fast loading of all elements of the page is the most important requirement in a good website. In order for the LCP value to be considered as “successful”, the maximum loading speed of the page should be 2.5 seconds.

Reaching the mentioned page speed is an important factor in terms of the time and experience users spend on the website. In fact, if it can be achieved, this value can be reduced to 2.5 seconds below, which allows your site to have a much better success in speed compared to other websites. In order for this speed to be at the desired time, there are many factors that need to be considered on the page.

In principle, Google prioritizes sites with high scores in front of users in terms of speed and related variations and includes such sites in ranking priority. For this reason, websites that want to get ranking and want to be successful in the eyes of Google should have data as 2.5 seconds and less.

How to Improve the LCP Score?

  • Resources such as CSS and JavaScript can slow down the loading speed of a website. For this reason, discontinuing using such resources on your sites will have a positive effect on the large contentful paint value.
  • Choosing a Turkey-based and reliable-sourced site hosting service will affect your site speed.
  • If there are CSSs and JavaScript on your site, it is recommended that you use their files by compressing them and eliminate all unused CSS and JavaScript, if any.
  • Removing all the unnecessary images on your website in order not to tire your site in speed and optimizing the images you see as necessary will help you in terms of speed.
  • Considering that the resources on your site reduce the page loading, in such cases, it is recommended that you use these resources by downloading them later.
  • Getting rid of all unnecessary applications and animations on your website will automatically create a positive change in your site speed.
  • Finally, about the editing of writing styles on your website; For the large contentful paint value, you should choose the classic fonts on the site, pay attention to the readability of the fonts you choose, and not make any changes in the font colors.
What is the concept of Largest Contentful Paint?