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Performance marketing refers to a marketing strategy that covers the entire advertising work carried out in today’s digital world. Performance  marketing allows much more detailed works compared to traditional marketing and can make detailed analyzes and measurements, also has the opportunity to dynamically determine the most suitable strategies for the conditions.

There are a number of marketing budgets, performance scales and detail scaling that need to be worked on in order for brands to reach their goal recognition and sales amount in the digital environment. The concept of “Performance marketing” also ensures that in these areas, the right target audience can be reached at the right time, in the right way, and in the result, the brand gets its feedback as sales. 

What is
Mucizefikir Agency

Mucizefikir Agency provides professional support to brands in performance management and helps them to reach their goals in sales. Today marketing has achieved a great development in the digital field, our agency is with you in all kinds of performance marketing processes you need, by working in which the brands it cooperates can achieve success and this success can be converted into sales. 

What are the Sub-branches of Performance Marketing Process?

Sub-branches of Performance Marketing Process 

Performance marketing is divided into two different branches as SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Retargeting and Remarketing. When the SEM header is opened; SEO, search engine advertising and user experience marketing are the titles. As Mucizefikir, we offer you a perfect performance marketing process by planning the things that need to be done in accordance with all these concepts.

If we consider the scope of SEO, we are working to increase the value of the site in the eyes of the search engine and to rank higher in front of the users about the service / product offered in the search engines.

In search engine advertising, we use the “Pay-Per-Click” to control the revenue earned per click in the advertisements. Since this is the method of advertising on the pages that appear after the search results of the search engines like Google, Youtube etc. we are aware of how important it is in performance marketing that you can earn advertising income by taking part in these areas. 


In user experience marketing works, by measuring the   mental and physical reactions of any user before, during and after the purchase; We analyze the emotions, behaviors and skills that are active in this process and create areas that allow more concentration in this area.

In the retargeting and remarketing part, we are working on programmatic purchasing called “real time bidding” and affiliate marketing titles called “affiliate marketing” within the performance marketing processes. In the programmatic buying method, many advertisers bid on a platform to be able to deliver targeted advertisements based on performance. In affiliate marketing, advertisers on different platforms are required to make a payment to the existing platform after they convert through the service they provide or the product they offer for sale. 

What are the Advantages
of Performance Marketing Support
You Will Get from Mucizefikir?
  • Since all of these  marketing works have measurable qualities, the result reporting of the performance marketing processes in which you are involved with us can always be requested. The fact that you can always view the return on your investments during this process allows you to observe the works from a general perspective.
  • Brands that do not want to take risks related to the subject may have lower rates regarding the risk factors they may encounter with the support they will receive. The reason for this is that Mucizefikir Agency is able to reveal an analysis based on data from the past in its works on performance marketing, and as we mentioned in the previous article, it can present the data in a measurable form.
  • Since performance marketing works are primarily focused on return on investment, the works carried out include site quality, user audience, etc. In addition to increasing the investment it increases the return on investment.
Performance Marketing

The concept of “Performance marketing” ensures that the right target audience can be reached at the right time, through the right channel, and in the result, the brand gets its feedback as sales. 

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