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How to Write an SEO Compatible Article?

In order for the content in the digital world to be successful on search engines and to rise to the top as a result of this success, compliance with the SEO rules should be ensured in the articles. They receive SEO support so that brands can write professionally SEO compatible articles . If this compatibility is achieved in the articles, since the sites will be found reliable and successful in the eyes of Google, they automatically rank higher.

SEO optimization is divided into main headings and subheadings. The most important part in these regulations is that each regulation must be made completely. In other words, if the rules are applied incompletely, other arrangements will be seen as incomplete and it will not be possible for SEO-compatible articles to be successful in the eyes of Google and gain ranking.

As Mucizefikir Digital Agency, we contribute to the writing of SEO-compatible articles that will give the brand a ranking by providing professional SEO support. SEO compatible article writing is carried out by the expert SEO staff within our agency and all kinds of support related to this part are offered to you. We are just a phone call away from you for any SEO compatible content you need for your site.

What are the Rules for Writing SEO Compatible Articles?

By conducting a search engine search related to the subject on which the content will be written, the contents of the competing sites that succeeded in being on the first page are examined, and it is examined which keywords / words are used, which sub-headings are included in the articles and how the subject is explained in general terms.

Correct keyword selection should be made. Processes such as determining the keyword that should be mentioned in the content, how often this word will be used and choosing the right auxiliary keywords are very important.

SEO friendly article guidelines among which it can be mentioned that it is necessary to pay attention to the title tag selections in the content, as it is familiar to everyone involved. These title tags, which we can refer to as “H Tag”; Continuing as H1,H2,…,H6, it creates a content hierarchy in the article that passes the controls of Google bots.

Choosing the right keywords is as important as using them at the right rate. In addition to the determined keywords, attention should also be paid to the necessity of including close meaning or similar keywords that will support that word in the article. In addition, these keywords should be included in the introduction part of the article and the information about what will be told to the readers should be given as a summary.

Another factor that can be said about the keyword is that the keyword must be included in the URL of the site. Page names, which we call URLs, are ranking factors that show how any page comes up in a search query. For this reason, the keywords on which we write articles must be included in the URL.

SEO compatible article writing in terms of the process of supporting the content with photos, images, GIFs and videos can also be mentioned. The name and alt tag of all these supporting content should be created in accordance with the keywords. Also, care should be taken not to include any Turkish characters or spaces in these names.

The length of the content is very important in the eyes of Google. Articles must be at least 300 words long. Content of 1000-2000 and maybe more words is also among the successful content as long as it is written very legibly.

SEO compatible article content finally, the use of backlinks can be mentioned in the section. Linking to relevant, reliable and successful sites in the relevant sectors helps to increase the success and ranking of the site, so that the SEO-compatible articles can rank.


How to Write an SEO Compatible Article?
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