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The Right Address for SEO Analysis is Mucizefikir!

The Right Address for SEO Analysis is Mucizefikir!

One of the main factors that enables websites to stand out from their competitors in the digital environment and be more successful is to ensure complete SEO compatibility. The part we call SEO analysis can be considered as a set of arrangements that can get a successful return when it is done by agencies and teams that can deal with the sites professionally.

Today, it is very important to be a “trusted” site in the eyes of search engines for every website that exists in the online environment, and more importantly, to be visible at the top by catching a ranking. In order to meet these criteria, the success criteria offered by the search engines to the sites must be completed completely. With the right arrangements, it is possible to increase the success rate of the site even more by eliminating the deficiencies of the site and revealing the incompleted parts that need to be developed at the same time.

At this point, Mucizefikir Digital Agency will be your best choice in order to meet your need for a professional team for the best seo analysis .With our SEO experts and all other working teams whose SEO part is involved in the business processes, we make your site the ultimate success by making the most detailed and effective SEO analysis on your site.

What Does SEO Analysis Include?

Analyzes to be made on websites are grouped under certain categories. It should not be forgotten that each of them is in interaction with each other and the deficiency in one area also affects the success in the other area. Mucizefikir, who has a lot of experience in this field and has many successful references, quiet meticulous in the analyzes to be made and shares the updates and the scale of success to be achieved with the service recipient in an understandable way and pays great attention to customer satisfaction.

With this information, successful SEO analysis processes can be summarized as follows;

URL – Meta description control: How many pages of the analyzed brand in the internet world are examined and the correctness, compatibility, length, etc. of their URLs are checked. It is determined whether the criteria are successful or not. Likewise, it is checked whether the meta descriptions of the pages are relevant to the subject, their length is appropriate and whether they are added correctly.

Control of page titles: As everyone familiar with the subject knows, on web pages with SEO compatible content, the titles should be distributed in certain numbers with certain title tags. If these title arrangements, known with tag names such as H1, H2, H3, are not done correctly, the deficiencies that Google may determine on the page prevent your site from reaching the desired success point.

Controlling the quality of the content on the site: In addition to the technical regulations, the sites must also be examined in terms of content. First of all, care is taken to ensure that the requirements such as the originality of the content, the removal of all duplicate content from the site, the content related to the sector to which the website belongs, the correct and sufficient number of keywords in the texts, the length of the texts and the descriptions of the search engines are deemed appropriate. .

Control of images and videos in the content: Attention is paid to ensure that the complementary images and videos in the content also meet some rules. In addition to the selection of images in accordance with the content, the correct naming of these images and the correct processing of their alt tags. SEO analysis test will ultimately help you achieve success.

Checking the Google visibility of the site: With this research, it will be displayed in which word your site ranks. It is determined that the pages in the words that have a good ranking should be taken care to maintain their ranking and what should be done to better the pages that are in decline or cannot reach the desired ranking.

Control of backlink pages: Backlink pages, which we can call referrals from other sites to our site, are also examined very carefully. By paying attention to factors such as whether the page from which the backlink is received is of good quality, whether it has a relationship with the sector in which the main page is located, backlink work is carried out as much as possible without overloading the quality site.

Redirect control of 404 pages: In the analyzes to be made on this issue, which Google pays great attention to, such pages are definitely determined and an action is taken to remove or edit the pages.

The Right Address for SEO Analysis is Mucizefikir!