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Known as “Search Engine Optimization”, SEO is a technique applied in order for websites to achieve high rankings in search engines organically and for the content to be included in the sites without any errors by passing certain optimizations.

Since Google is the most used search engine today, the measurement of search engine optimization criteria is also under the control of Google. Creating SEO-compatible content is also vital for sites, since Google presents us with the relevant results by passing the queries made by visitors about any word/subject through certain algorithms, and puts these results to be of high quality and for the benefit of the user.

Creating quality content on search engine optimization is not just about the writing stage of the content. In this technique, which has many complementary sub-branches; on-site optimizations, clean codes of the site, high speed of the site, correct off-site optimization, careful preparation of content that will increase the popularity of the site, etc. processes are also very important qualities for the correct application of SEO technique.  

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Corporate SEO

Corporate SEO is the general  name given to the technical ‘search engine optimization’ applications made to ensure that the websites of companies serving in the corporate field can rank higher in search engines. Thanks to the work to be done, brands will gain more visitor traffic on their sites and will rise in terms of prestige. As it is known, it is crucial for brands to give importance to the search engine optimization work as a corporate, as the increase in prestige provides growing sales volume and wide promotion. Before starting the works to be carried out in this area, first of all, the target of the company should be determined. At the same time, since this target also affects the target audience directly, it is necessary to correctly determine the target audience in the area where the works will be carried out. After determining what the target and target audience are, it is time for competitor analysis. It is necessary to make a detailed analysis and report of the companies that will be considered as competitors of the existing company in the same sector, at the same time to investigate the sector in which the competition is in and to determine strategy to proceed.  

Seo Service from Mucizefikir!

We provide services with the awareness that SEO works are a team work.

Our aim is to make a business plan, delegate every job to its own expert, apply the right analyzes, clarify the targets, and examine the market and competitors. An unplanned and untargeted SEO consultancy will be like continuing to drive the vehicle that has lost its control. Right at this point a team that has a good command of SEO algorithms, constantly follows the sector and has clear goals comes into play.

So, how do we follow the SEO process?

First of all, we would like to inform you that we do not work with standardized packages, the price of a keyword can vary. Because if we are going to raise a newborn baby (your website), we should pay special attention to it and treat it according to its character (industry and competitors).

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As a result, the Mucizefikir team prefers to provide boutique SEO services by producing special planning and strategies for your website, and also tries to prevent the waste of time and money.

Brand recognition and being at the top of Google searches are at the core of all digital marketing services. At this point, your business has grown commercially. As you know, businesses now revolve around the internet and many companies owe their business volume and turnover to Google. Naturally, the starting point of all works is the right Keyword analysis.

By examining the details of the sector to be served, the process of SEO and even AdWords advertisements starts with applying the keywords with the highest search volume.

We identify our keywords, determine the ranks of our site in these keywords before starting the SEO service, and examine the competitors in depth and it is time for on-page optimization arrangements.  

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Let’s say a website that does not have Canonical tags, the headings are not structured properly, the title and description tags are not unique, the keyword density ratios are not observed, the content is duplicate or irrelevant and the internal links are weak. We all know that it cannot be saved. We need to start over and create a fresh website for the ultimate success.

With professional analysis tools and naked eye examinations, we apply the latest Google algorithms and produce a special analysis for all URLs from A to Z for your site. Our analysis team and web design and software team work together to complete the on-page optimization arrangements of your website, and call these bots to your site by Fetch as Google via Search Console. Google bots, which scan a clean website that is compatible with all algorithms, raise you in your keywords in the first stage and increase your site’s traffic. 

On Page SEO

If we examine the On Page SEO in more detail; As a result of the rules determined by the existing search engines, there are some quality scores given to the websites. These scores  include not using too many keywords in the text, paying attention to the alt tags and texts of the images on the page, taking care that the URL is relevant to the topic, giving the correct codes of the titles to be included in the article (H1, H2, etc.) are taken by arranging the issues without error. Sites with high scores are able to rank higher in the search results, proving that the content is completely “user-friendly”.

You should know that Mucizefikir reports all the analyzes, applications and processes one by one, with all the details.

Is that it?

Now it’s time for backlink (link building) works, which is the foundation of a website to be created.

We first analyze and identify the links that you receive from other websites or that come to your website without your knowledge. If there are links in these links that are not compatible with the Google Penguin algorithm and prevent your site from rising in the rankings, we remove them with the link rejection tool. In fact, by examining your anchor texts we determine whether there are many links to the same page or if there are links from the same keyword, and we implement our solutions. In summary, we are eliminating the elements that prevent successful results.

What is Off Page SEO?

The general work done for the “reference link” that your site will get from another site is called off page SEO. Off-site SEO work is done by getting “backlinks” in the most known and popular way. Having these backlinks on high-quality and high-volume sites will make your site even better in search engines.

E.g.; If there is a backlink to your site from a website known to be safe by Google and visitors visit your site in the light of these recommendations; This is a search engine optimization requirement that should be given great importance as both your traffic and recognition will increase.

On the other hand, there are sites that try to manipulate the business by using this backlinking in a negative way. It is absolutely necessary to do good research in the backlink section, because the slightest mistake (such as getting backlinks that are not related to your content) can cause your site to spam.

How to Make a Quality Backlink Work?

As Mucizefikir Digital Marketing Agency, we have a huge link archive that does not fit in excel lines. All sites consist of Google News registered news sites, high-traffic private and widely read blogs, constantly updated forums and high-quality, well-known sites. Let’s underline, we never, ever do backlink work from poor or medium quality sites. As part of our link building efforts, we write 100% seo compatible articles for each site and publish our original articles.

The golden rule that should be known is that if the content on the site is successful, visitors will definitely want to forward the information they have obtained from you to someone else. The biggest mistake most SEO experts make in this regard is to try to rise in the rankings by getting links from paid links and poor-quality sites. This will not help you to rise, but on the contrary, it may reduce the quality of your site in Google and cause a process to be passed from the search results to the deletion of the site’s name.

To be successful in backlink work, one of the factors to be considered is that the backlinks that your site will give are related to the content on your site. E.g.; If the content on your website is related to health, it is appropriate to give backlinks to sites with health-related content. In addition, it is also very important to search for your keywords and choose the sites with the highest search volume for the sites to be selected.

As a result, if you can be a website that has a quality and authoritative structure in Google’s eyes; The backlinks you will receive will also have a quality structure. However, the fact that the site is in the same sector as you, can be close to your location (an extra important item for businesses) and that the authoritarian rate is seriously high are vital factors in backlink work.

Mucizefikir SEO team reports all the work to you. In this way, you can see from which site the link building work is done, what is written and which pages are processed through which keywords.

If you want more business, don’t want to waste your time and money, if you value your brand, give us a call; Mucizefikir.

What is the Importance of Visual and Content Work in SEO?

As we know how important the content on the site is when doing SEO work, the images included in the content are equally important. First of all, the texts on our site are of course original content and will not be boring when examined on a reader-based basis; The most important thing is that it is easy to read. If the desired naturalness and attractiveness is achieved, the number of visitors will gradually increase and the site will be successful.

Another important element that we will mention about this subject is the visuals used in the texts. These images should be both original and selected from high quality ones. Thus, just as the site visitors are satisfied with the quality of the content, the quality of the visuals will also gain the satisfaction of the visitors.  

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Providing professional SEO services, Mucizefikir is here to avoid unnecessary costs, waste of time and poor-quality work and to offer guaranteed seo work. Our company, which has a command of Google Algorithms, provides services using special techniques. 

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