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Social media, which is a powerful communication and interaction tool, is a platform where companies can communicate effectively with their customers. However, while communicating with customers, you need to pay attention to some sensitive points and develop a strategy.

Mucizefikir team develops a social media strategy in line with your industry and customer portfolio and provides professional social media consultancy services. 

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How to Create a Social Media Strategy?
  1. Evaluation of your brand, analysis of your competitors
  2. Conducting market reviews and identifying the right social media platforms
  3. Determining the language of communication and hashtags
  4. Evaluation of advertisement and campaign setups and production of scenarios
  5. Work on the website with content created
  6. Identifying and contacting sectoral bloggers
  7. Preparing the sharing calendar and sending it for approval
  8. Providing social media and SEO integration, increasing efficiency at the maximum level
  9. Demographic determinations and advertising setups
  10. Realization of special graphic design works for effective sharing


With all these plans and strategies, Mucizefikir becomes the voice of your brand on social platforms. However, in order to carry out critical processes and eliminate risky elements, you must be in constant contact with our team and share information. Thus, we prevent bad scenarios that may occur and implement risk management.

Our company uses professional social media tools and can share for different social platforms on a single screen. They can also perform instant analysis. E.g.; A post that was released as a result of Facebook ad management was boosted and the post attracted great attention, then all comments from users instantly appear on our screen and can be intervened by our team.

Which Platforms Do We Manage?

We manage platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Foursquare. However, these platforms may not be right for every brand. Therefore, as a result of sectoral reviews, we determine which social media platforms are suitable for you. 

Our Social Media Studies
How Do You Measure the
Benefit of social media to Your Brand?

Social media requires long-term work. As your brand grows, your audience  increases, the traffic to your site increases and your recognition value increases. In this process; According to demographic data, interests, age criteria, gender and location-based targeting by Mucizefikir; Advertisements are also given according to special graphic and content works. When the right advertising campaigns are set up on a social media account with a well-established corporate image and unique posts, quality conversions are achieved.

You can measure the benefit of social media management through google analytics data and examine the conversions of Facebook ads directly on the Facebook corporate page. The Mucizefikir team sends regular monthly reports regarding the professional social media management it offers to you and makes the planning for the next month by interpreting the relevant reports. 

Social Media
is a Teamwork

While receiving social media service, which is the most important branch of digital marketing service, like all  other services; You need to know that social media  management is also a team work. Why? Because if a team that does not have a graphic design employee serves you, poor quality images will be shared and conversion rates will become ineffective. If a team that does not have an Analytics expert is serving you, social media conversions cannot be analyzed and interpreted effectively. If you are getting this service from a company that is not an SEO expert, your website and social platforms will not be integrated and you will not be able to get efficiency from social media management in terms of SEO. Finally, if you are working with a team that does not employ content experts or produces amateur content, your content marketing strategies will be ineffective.

You can review the Mucizefikir team on our corporate page. You will see that we have a dynamic team that is expert in its field and constantly improving itself. We have an experienced staff that is happy to provide you with quality service and focuses on the higher achievements as your brand grows. 

The Effect of Social Media
Management on Growth
and Development

As we have explained throughout our article, the success of each brand and  institution on social media platforms ensures that it is not only recognized as successful in these platforms but also increases the brand success in general and grows. Since the internet industry is a field that is growing and expanding tremendously, many methods are tried to have lasting success.

Perhaps the most entertaining of these methods and one of the categories that contribute the most to success is undoubtedly social media. Effectively used social media accounts are areas where the work that will increase the current success of the brand in a short time and bring the institution to a better point can be done easily. In particular, brands whose target audience is the segment on the internet must be in constant interaction with this segment by using their social media accounts actively. In this way, you can clearly see how your brand is developing day by day, and it can be clearly understood how much difference can be made in interaction.

Social media management contributions include increasing trust in the brand and gaining popularity. Each advertisement published on these networks reaches a large number of people in a very short time, ensuring that many people are aware of what is being advertised, creating an environment of interpretation and appreciation, and increasing the sales rates of the product or service.  

Professional Social Media Management

Getting relevant support from an agency that can provide professional social media management assistance will be one of the most logical steps in the process of success of your brand. Because, as we all know, quality social media sharing on the internet ensures the development on the positive side. Unplanned, sloppy, inadequate shares will cause decrease in the admiration and trust for the brand and sharp decrease in sales rates of the product or service will be observed.

Finally, the fact that all these works are carried out both in professional hands and in a professional business planning process will provide the brand with an admirable stance in the field of social media, which will increase the following audience. It is extremely important and valuable for the brand to support quality content with comments and campaigns within a certain sharing process order, while also interacting with the target audience. In order not to be deprived of such priorities and to receive social media support from experts in their fields, as Mucizefikir, we are only a click or a phone call away from you! 

Your Brand Miraculously Socializes

We announce your brand to large audiences, add value and socialize it on social platforms that are widely used today. With miraculous designs, original and intriguing content, professional posts, we manage your social media accounts and support them with special fictions and campaigns. 

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