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How to do SEO Analysis?

Seo analysis is a type of analysis in which the compatibility of a website with the algorithms of search engines and user experiences are determined. In today’s digital world, websites get organic followers and increase in ranking; In summary, in order to be a successful site, it must meet certain criteria. Compliance with these criteria is also related to whether certain SEO works are done correctly.

As the most respected and largest search engine worldwide, Google is constantly renewing its algorithm in order for sites to be more successful. For this reason, it is possible to say that everything is changing and renewing at a tremendous speed. It can be mentioned that in order to keep up with this change and adapt to innovations, it is necessary to keep the work on the site fresh and to adapt to innovations in frequent periods. There are many SEO analysis tools for this type of work, both paid and free.

As an agency that can do this type of work on your site for you at regular intervals, Mucizefikir not only applies a successful SEO work to your site, but also completes your SEO analysis in the ongoing process and makes your site an absolute success.

What are the Points to Consider While Performing SEO Analysis?

Although there are free SEO analysis tools that you can use for SEO analysis on your website, these types of programs only provide information for the initial stage. Apart from these analysis programs, a Google SEO analysis report should be issued for each site, specific to its uniqueness. In this report, certain main topics should be analyzed within the scope of certain details. We can summarize the analyzes to be made under headings as follows;

If we talk about the necessity of analyzing the performance of the site first, it is possible to say that especially Google attaches great importance to this type of performance analysis. According to the general analysis, it has been revealed that 40 percent of the visitors to the sites give up and leave the site when they cannot enter the sites they are trying to access in more than 3 seconds. For this reason, items such as the speed of the site, the server, the size of the photos, the size of the fonts, the status of the files on the site should be analyzed and improved one by one.

As you know, compatibility standards are sought for both desktop and mobile use on websites. In the compatibilities to be analyzed within the scope of the SEO analysis report, it can be mentioned that the sites must have compatibility for mobile use. Considering that an average of 70 percent of users access websites via mobile devices, the compatibility of mobile compatibility works to be applied to websites is once again understandable.

Analyzing competitor sites and keywords is also very important for this process. Because a successful SEO work can be done as a result of the correct analysis of the competitor sites and the keywords within the site. In this way, it is very easy to determine exactly what the target of the site is, which market it is targeting, and within which limits the target audience is.

Finally, if we talk about parts such as on-site SEO analysis and off-site SEO analysis, it is checked whether the site provides a rise in the keywords determined first in the on-site analysis. Then, whether the criteria such as appropriate H-tag titles, original content, proper URL structure, correct link exits from the content, naming the images according to keywords, no 404 pages in the site, and all content being SEO compatible from start to finish are met correctly.

Apart from this, in the off-site SEO analysis section, it is necessary to prove that your website, which you have prepared is reliable to search engines and visitors. For this, you can expect various other reliable websites to vouch for your website. For this, redirects called “backlinks” should be made from another site to your site. However, these redirects must be made by sites that are successful in the eyes of Google, reliable and relevant sectors.

How to do SEO Analysis?
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