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Our View on Web Design
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When it comes to web design, we can define it as your reflection in the virtual world. Visuality and useful site is an important element for internet users. For this reason, a special design is made according to the needs of each website and the targeted audience.

Our meticulous works are submitted for your approval and we never go through designs that you do not approve. First of all, we do the graphic design work of your website. We encode in a way that is compatible with all browsers and looks the same in all. We make designs that are responsive with the latest technology that shapes itself according to all resolutions (phone, tablet, desktop). Responsive web design is also mobile compatible and appears seamlessly on all devices. Thus, you do not need to have an additional mobile design done for your website. We complete the codes, content and on-page optimization of the website and publish it as 100% SEO compatible.  

Aesthetics !
Web Design

What are the Advantages of Mucizefikir Digital Marketing Agency and Seo Compatible Web Design?

It is very important for the future of the website that the design work to be done is Seo (search engine optimization) compatible. For this reason, we design your website to be 100% search engine compatible. Design services are offered to you by the Mucizefikir team as a result of serious works. We kindly ask you to review our projects and make a decision in this direction.

Another disadvantage of working with different agents is the communication problems. If you have decided to have a website, let’s design your ideas together. Wouldn’t you like to start 1-0 ahead of your competitors with our digital marketing experience in the sector? 

Digital Marketing Agency with All New Trends: Mucizefikir

As the Mucizefikir team, we know very well what users and search engines expect from you. We are here to accompany you on this journey and to be the guide with our experience accumulated over the years.

A good website design should start with intensive research. You should know the expectations of your users. Because the people who will use the website are your audience. Data from extensive research tells you what kind of design your website requires. Mucizefikir designs are based on UI / UX experiences. We distinguish you from all your competitors with our high user experience-oriented works in accordance with the rules of search engines. 

Web Design Our Work
A Good

What a good website design will provide;

  1. First of all, you establish a corporate image. This is a more prestigious and reliable view for users.
  2. Your rise in search engines will enable you to better cope with the competitive environment.
  3. Access to users will be easier when you make announcements about your events or products. Thus, your costs will also be lower.
  4. It will not matter where your customers are, because you will be equidistant from everyone thanks to the world of digital marketing. Therefore, your potential customer acquisition will also increase.
  5. With e-commerce solutions, your sales are increased and your website continues to earn day and night. And at no extra cost to you.

You may think it’s time to have a website or you may want to have your current website designed to be compatible with all browsers and search engines. We are here to bring your project and ideas to the internet. While searching for a web design firm in Istanbul, let’s evaluate your projects comprehensively together with Mucizefikir, one of the biggest web design firms you will come across.  

Web Design

The way we differ from other agencies in quality web design service;

  1. While providing practical and easy-to-use access for users, we also attach importance to visual aesthetics. We do not go with simple designs.
  2. We ensure that the designs made are liked by the search engine.
  3. We are proceeding in a planned manner in line with the vision we have strategically determined.
  4. While evaluating the website in terms of visuality, we choose colors and patterns that will not tire the eyes of the users browsing the site. We enrich the colors with several color combinations.

As long as your website exists, we always support you and provide consultancy support for your questions, updates and revisions. Let’s see what techniques and technologies we use.  

HTML 5 & Responsive Design

What is HTML 5 Design Technology? 

With the newly added elements, we make HTML5, mobile compatible websites and support their visuals with CSS3.

The advantage of HTML5, which is the latest version of the HTML structure; It enables us to design a professional website by writing less code, tiring the browser and providing more transparent information to search engines. Thus, your website is opened to the internet as SEO compatible in terms of code structure.

You can have professional content by having your website designed by us with the latest technology. In addition, you will see that your website opens smoothly on all mobile phones and tablets and there is no loss of image.

What is Responsive Design?

It is a design system that is developed based on the size of the area where the site is displayed, rather than the device used. Responsive Web Design, which is the latest trend and is used extensively in the world, is the choice of our professional web design company. We design your websites responsively and ensure that you get perfect browser images, making it easy for your users to navigate when they visit your site.

Responsive Design; We can also say that creating flexible sites instead of fixed pixel-shaped sites and shaping the site itself as if it fits on the screen of the device on any device. When making a site suitable for all screen sizes, it will be useful to know the most used screen sizes first. Responsive sites, the latest design of today, are user-friendly. Because the opening rates of websites on mobile devices and tablets are very high.

When we consider these dimensions, we have at least 4 options; design for tablets, landscape for phones, vertical for phones, and real (on-computer) design. Here, Css is catching up in this regard and helps us to code for every resolution.

What Happens If a Site Is Not Designed as Responsive?

According to today’s technological usage habits of the website to be designed, it is no longer just for computers; It should also be arranged for more intensive mobile use and tablet use. One of the most important parts of the web design processes is the fulfillment of this compatibility.

If a site is not designed to be mobile-friendly, when a user enters this site from a mobile phone, the site’s texts, images, etc. will be quite small and difficult to read. When you want to zoom in, the shape of the site will be distorted, resulting in an unpleasant site experience. In the same way, since it becomes very difficult to find, click and navigate in the menus, a sharp decrease is seen in the number of visitors, as an unsatisfactory user experience emerges. In order not to encounter these processes, you definitely need a responsive design on your site, just like the designs that Mucizefikir has presented to you.   

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