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Build Your Site With WooCommerce E-Commerce Module

Build Your Site With WooCommerce E-Commerce Module

One of the most used plugins of WordPress, which is one of the most familiar interfaces today, is the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin. It is highly preferred for its features such as being able to use it as a free module for site editing and support in online merchandising and providing users with great convenience.

People and companies who want to sell a product on the Internet, in line with their desire to create an online store first, apart from the need for a lot of effort and financial resources for this business, benefit from the WooCommerce module as an option that will facilitate this process and provide great financial benefits. Thousands of design options in its content and features that can be used as add-ons have made this auxiliary module a very popular application.

Another important feature of the WooCommerce WordPress plugin is that it does not harm the codes of an existing e-commerce site. The fact that it can be coded in a way that can easily adapt without any margin of error makes site owners very satisfied.

What Are WooCommerce Features?

WooCommerce eCommerce features are can be summerized as the following;

  • The product page is editable.
  • Order management can be done.
  • Product stock information, label information and category information can be managed.
  • Variations of products can be created according to colors and sizes.
  • Upon request, sales can be made among digital or physical products in numerous options.
  • Free shipping or fixed shipping options can be offered.
  • Thanks to the tax settings option of the interface, tax rates can be adjusted automatically.
  • Order tracking can be done.
  • Customer interface can be created.
  • Compatibility of the site with search engines is ensured.
  • Order tracking can be done.
  • Adjustments can be made on coupon usage and discount options.
  • Thanks to the WooCommerce payment plugin, integrations can be applied to the site for payment.

What are the Advantages of Building an E-Commerce Site with WooCommerce?

First of all, since this interface is free, a very advantageous situation is obtained for the sites in need. Since it is very easy to install on the site, it provides both fast and easy use. However, since there is no need to make any changes in the design of the website, this can be said as another advantage of the installation.

WooCommerce e-commerce setup It is also possible to benefit from the advantages such as printing new custom plugins, creating new themes or adding new features to the existing plugins on the site by making use of the open source code on the site.

Build Your Site With WooCommerce E-Commerce Module