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Graphic Design

Graphic design works include all corporate identity works, including web design. The content of graphic design is very wide.

Professional graphic design services reflect the quality of your company and the value you place on your business. Although visual works are always at the forefront, they are very valuable in terms of first impression. This is where we, as Mucizefikir, come into play, designing your ideas and adding quality to your brand.

What are the Major Graphic Design Works?

Logo Design

Logos are the most important visual elements that reflect the identity of companies and brands. It should be easy to understand, memorable and unique to you. In addition, it should provide integrity with your website. Remember, your logo will represent your corporate identity. A logo that will be designed as a vector and professionally is your most permanent symbol, as well as the visual aspect of your corporate identity that will remain in memory. Logo design is at the top in the hierarchical structure among all the work to be done in terms of graphic design. The important details that should be included are; its simplicity, not using too many colors, smooth writing balance, well-proportioned and most importantly originality. 

Banner Design

About Banner Design

Banner ads are the most effective way to provide the fastest promotion of your brand and products on the internet.

Banner design works are the parts that attract the most attention of users at the entrance of your website by providing brand recognition for your company. It should have a simple design, use colors that are compatible with the site and the brand, and your call-to-action buttons should be very clear. 


Banner ads produced by professionals and managed correctly provide more impressions and visitors than you expect. In addition, while advertising with AdWords, you can show your banner designs to visitors and make product-oriented advertisements.

The slider-carousel section of the website that best describes what a website wants to convey, its goals and objectives, and that is primarily seen by customers. Professional graphic designs to be made into a functional slider strengthen the site visually.

Banner design is also needed in google advertising work in the display advertising network. Display ads should be designed in a quality and delivered to a professional team, as they represent your brand on major sites. 

Our Graphic Design Works
What is the Importance
of Graphic Design
in terms of SEO?

The business card design you will make should clearly reveal your corporate identity and leave a good impression about your business. Business cards that are professionally worked on and put in effort, logo and color harmonies are memorable. By taking a look at the latest trend business card designs, you can make a request in this direction and have a remarkable work done.

Customers find you mostly through their Google searches. Image searches are also part of availability. Therefore, quality and original visual designs to be made increase the visibility of your website in terms of google seo and attract more traffic to your website. A logo can be the most important factor that will make your company or brand permanent. While names are forgotten, you can be remembered by the logo.  

Graphic Design

With some details used in your graphic design, your website can be much more attractive to search engines. With good coding, it will be beneficial in terms of SEO by getting rid of unnecessary code structure and images. Because unnecessary code and images will complicate the site structure and speed.

Mucizefikir team which has done graphic design work for many big brands such as Cocacola, Ülker, Halifaks Hotel, is just a click away with its designs of quality. 

How to Make Original Graphic Design?

Mucizefikir Graphic Design Team carries out many corporate identity designs such as original website designs, logo designs, business cards, brochures, catalogs and carefully creates the visible face of your company in digital environments. 

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